10 Reasons Relationships Fail and How to Succeed

10 Reasons Relationships

Common Causes of Relationship of Relationships Sex, Money and Time Issues. These factors are usually accompanied by divorce or other factors that are invited. Although the divorce rate has declined slightly over the past few years, it is mostly due to the fact that people choose to live together and live together. There will be a higher “return rate” compared to married couples. If you are looking for a stable relationship, marriage is still a gold standard. Top 10 reasons why the relationships fail By knowing the warning signs, you will get the chance to be “lucky always” by making the necessary changes.

10 Reasons Relationships

1. I lost this loving feeling – when we first meet someone we attracted that sex cover hormones were under the influence of a strong cocktail. First you hit a blast with testosterone and estrogen that creates that early “he / shes warm”. Next we can criticize the levels of neurotransmitter adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin. This is not enough for the production of oxytocin and vespresso changes in the hormones. So, what does this mean when the relationships fail? Well, basically anywhere between 12 to 24 months you have been hijacked by your hormones, losing it and “feeling lonely.” Once the hormone levels come to normal, (unfortunately they always do) the couple begin to see small disadvantages in their partner’s life. Partners can start to feel romantic and lovers as lovers. This special person who made us “very happy” is now the object of indifference or despair. We begin to hold each other in charge of our needs, preferences and desires. We stop engaging in the pleasure and energy of each other. Learning about the unshakable needs of the childhood is usually the crime, nagging, distance and satisfaction looking for other sources. This involves consciousness, intelligence, communication and dedication in your relationship with the play. There are ways to increase “love hormones” and get this “loving feeling” again.

2. Weak contact – 55% of all information by body language. Bypassing the hands, removing the body, avoiding eye contact, stimulating muscles, lipping lips and eyebrows. Know the messages you send and receive from your partner. 35% of tone, speed and volume communications calculate your voice. This extra pause you’ve taken before or a slightly raised or reduced voice, as well as “tone” all talk to your partners. Only 10% of contacts depend on the words you already talk to your partner. The first step is to communicate in three stages and learn how to learn some simple techniques for your partner’s glass, validation and empathy. When we stop talking to couples, by far or away, we will reduce problems by avoiding solving relationships. We all know what we’ve heard, we know that we are logically and understandable.

3. Financial issues – They believe that financial matters, but often married couples. In the old proverb “He has little promise” with the golden rules, and therefore slowly reign. Creates anger in money control, power struggles and relationships. It is not about the often expensive dollars, but about the money involved and the perception of emotions. Yes, we all have strong feelings about money. So if you stop, if your partner is a spender, your partner may feel like you are attacking you. Realizing that you and your partner may have different relationships with money, individuals feel that their partner is not concerned about their feelings – security is necessary, or that will enjoy life through that new car, clothing, or stylized eating experience. Couples are in trouble when they start removing purchases, covering each other or revoking the money behind their partners. Over time it is easier and easier to justify this little business / cheat that breaks your relationship confidence. It is important to discuss couples and learn about each other’s expenses and create a budget that includes the design of two partners. All basics and mutual activities for couples recommend to create a master account for both monetary attributes. We recommend that every shareholder own personal account to respect their needs for security or expenditure.

4. No time – this is the standard time. These days and years of high communications technology also find themselves in longer hours, when the job is at work or at home, and in the evenings on weekends. Often their partner’s couples spend much time answering email messages and text messages, they have one to spend their “good time” while others complain to chat. Whether he’s addicted to work or technology or introducing children to marriage, the time he once spent with our partner takes the back seat. First, our partner is our first, we spent time with them and thought about them. Show off places where you spend your time and money, and I will tell you what’s important to you. ” Without quality time, couples can grow even more. Set aside time for your relationship. Plan and keep your mutual happy plans over to “make a list”.

5. Sexual issues – Sexuality. Without it, nothing more than anything else, ie, the Internet and relationships have a lot of problems. Overall, sex marriage reflects deeply unresolved issues in marriage. If you have sex issues in your relationship you are not alone: ​​50% of couples report sexual issues and 15% of couples report unjust relations. Most of the sexual issues end up with the relationship divorce. So, unless you want to fight on who is better with China, it is important to stop avoiding the elephant in the room and ask your partner or ask for help if this is too uncomfortable.

Women who marry before 25 years are twice as likely to get divorce than women who get married after 25 years of age. In general, older couples are a good idea who they are and what they want in life. They have excellent communication skills, and are more in their careers. If you are under 25 years old, everyone who you’ve met with is not getting tired. It is important for a couple to come to your relationships and mature as a pair representing life problems and goals.

7. Loss of respect and appreciation – slowly deteriorating when couples begin to treat each other depending on each other and in relation to the relationship. Key words, name and name that attack the characters will not have long-term consequences for relationships. Each argument like a wall that was built every time a brick builds an obstacle to the unfair practice and the word cutting mistrust, resistance and anger. If the couple show respect and respect for one another, what did they do? We all have to be respected, appreciated, and when we do not, we close and pull. Most couples announce a temporary decision after years of verbal abuse. It is important for them to fight against their partner and fight against their partner, and fight against the legitimate expression of their emotions. It is important to ask the relationship you need and ask for your partner. We often take our interesting interesting features. The couple should appreciate each other and express their appreciation every day.

8. Opponents grab and Butt leaders – Yes, many of us are initially attracted to people who differ from us. We showed a little hesitant, though we love the exhaustive personality stupid, however, these love adaptations can transform into a bad annoying understanding of their love and their personality. We can say things like “Why they can not be quiet and can not leave anyone talking to you”. If we come out and have no enthusiasm, at the beginning they will be loyal and in love with a stable mood, but then feel restrained and defensive. Unfortunately, this early gravity sets the stage for many issues with our partners. Various concepts, how to live in our lives Various ideas quickly lead to a slow breakdown of anger, security and love cause. If you love me, you will realize that you love yourself. It’s important to look a little deeper. Why are you shy, what do you mean if you have a party life? Or if you are free of futile and hue, what does it mean for range and structure? See these differences, it’s also important that they add spice or balance in your life and appreciate them.

10 Reasons Relationships

9. Larger borders with extended family, such as laws, siblings, daughters, ex-couples or your children until you have stress in your relationship. A couple can take you time, it is important to maintain a loving relationship with other members of your family. Helping each other and a united front as a law and children do not permit you to cross your partner is an important part of maintaining respect for the survival. Many studies show that children are happy with children without children. Now does not mean that the children are not “blessings”. This means they need to add pressure to their relationship. Your relationship will be stronger and more flexible if you set limits to your relationships, stand up to your partner and agree to the regulations used for your children or your children. Best Relationships The “sweet bride and groom” above resemble a pyramid.

10. Material Abuse and Alcohol – These relationships can destroy one drink, a tablet or a puff at the same time. Whatever the meaning of the material, the real divergence and romance of love. Unfortunately, the occupant loves more and more of their partner’s content. If the abuse continues, the steady partner will stay, the feelings of depression and anger are poisonous and do not return to relationships. Your partner goes out when drug abuse exploits, giving priority to how the other mechanical partner in the partner occurs. A high-profile person you live in two different facts is not really connected. I request you to ask your partner to get help for adoption, set limits and set duration for recovery.


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