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VivaSlim is a weight loss supplement that promotes sustainable weight loss by increasing body metabolism. Does VivaSlim really work? How does VivaSlim work? What does VivaSlim do?

Product Name: VivaSlim

Official Website: Click Here


Vivaslim Drops is a dietary supplement that uses a combination of all-natural and organic substances to target the problem of belly fat. By burning more of their body’s stored fat, users of this supplement may be able to reduce the amount of fat that is stored in their bodies. According to the supplement’s creators, this means they may induce more powerful weight reduction. The validity of these claims and the value of the Vivaslim supplement will be examined in more detail in this review.

The issue of weight loss has perplexed a lot of people. One would think that the sheer volume of information and research on the subject would be sufficient. The majority of people have unique bodies, therefore a one-size-fits-all strategy rarely works. Most people are compelled to try alternative weight-loss strategies because of this. People are increasingly using weight loss formulas like Vivaslim as a frequent option. This is probably the case given the large number of organic and natural substances they include. People who are sick of the conventional methods will value the more subtle approach used by these dietary supplements. But it will be interesting to observe if these modifications have any real impact.

What Is VivaSlim?

VivaSlim is an effective fat burner and nutritional supplement that can aid in substantial weight loss. VivaSlim restores your body’s natural slimming mechanism by using a special liquid mix of premium components, allowing you to get rid of the obstinate fat deposits that have been occupying every part of your body.

Because the solution is strong enough to address the cellular fat trap, the primary source of weight gain, it has been clinically demonstrated to result in dramatic changes in your body weight. The “Cytokine Gate,” which is in charge of keeping fat in your cells, can be opened by the VivaSlim weight loss product.

Given how simple it is to take, the VivaSlim pill has earned the moniker “a powerful 2-second daily routine.” Without any form of diet, exercise, fasting, or other restrictions, it effortlessly burns pounds of stubborn body fat.

How does VivaSlim work?

VivaSlim may work by converting your body into a fat-burning machine through increased basal metabolic rate. People have been blaming their metabolism, hormones, improper eating habits, and even an unhealthy lifestyle for years as the reasons behind their weight gain. While some of this is accurate, addressing the root problem is crucial to preventing recurrence of the same problems over time.

To avoid making a hasty decision, it is crucial to understand how each product can benefit you before making a purchase. In this review, we’ll examine how effectively VivaSlim aids in weight loss and the removal of extra pounds.

Melt fat
An important amino acid that is necessary for boosting the hormone that makes our bodies burn fat is included in VivaSlim. These amino acids are also necessary for turning fat into energy, which increases energy.

Reduce the size of your waist
Additionally, VivaSlim is designed to support muscle building while lowering body weight and waist circumference. L-arginine, which is a component of the VivaSlim recipe, makes a significant contribution to muscle growth and fat burning.

Nutrition conversion to energy levels
Protein, cholesterol, carbs, and other nutrients from your nutritious food and meals can also be successfully converted into energy by VivaSlim.

In order to gain muscle mass and keep it lean over the long term and sustainably, energy levels must be increased. Increased energy is also crucial for improving mood and cognitive performance.

curbs one’s appetite
Adiponectin, a hormone that promotes fat burning, is produced by fat cells and is induced by VivaSlim. It plays a crucial part in controlling blood glucose levels and managing the body’s fat storage. Ten drops of VivaSlim will help you release fat that has been long-term accumulated in fat cells.

Remove toxicity accumulations
The antioxidant-rich VivaSlim composition supports the body’s defences against oxidative stress, free radicals, and other toxin accumulations. Additionally, it strengthens the body’s defences against illnesses and infections by boosting the immune system.

Ingredients for Viva Slim

Since Viva Slim no longer discloses individual ingredient quantities up front, it is difficult to understand the composition and mechanism of action of the supplement. Although we are aware that the formulation has 200 mg of active ingredients overall, we are unsure of the precise dosage of each indexing component.

The first listed ingredients are African mango extract, L-ornithine, and L-carnitine, which may all be found in several diet pills for weight loss.

The active ingredients are combined with water and 20% USP-grade alcohol in a formulation. One hundred twenty servings are contained in each bottle (0.5mL in step with serving).

The parts of Viva Slim and how they function are described in the following manner by Simple Promise:

African Mango Extract

According to Simple Promise, the African mango extract in Viva Slim may help you reduce your weight, ldl cholesterol, and diabetes. Due to the name “African Mango Complex” on the packaging, a significant portion of the Viva Slim formulation contains Africa mango extract.


L-ornithine is said to help you maintain lean muscle and detoxify the body. Naturally, your body burns more fat the more lean muscle you have. L-ornithine is a component of numerous dietary supplements for weight loss and bodybuilding. It is an amino acid that is essential for the production of both protein and electricity.


Every other amino acid that is frequently combined with L-ornithine is L-carnitine. L-carnitine may be utilised for weight loss and mental function, claims Simple Promise. It plays a crucial role in the production of electricity by making it easier for your body to burn fat for energy.


L-arginine, which makes up 0.33 of the 5 amino acids in Viva Slim Drops, is said to be able to reduce body weight and waist circumference, according to Simple Promise.


The fourth amino acid in Viva Slim is L-glutamine. Like L-arginine, L-glutamine is said to have a variety of advantages, including “Significant weight loss and improved insulin regulation.” Additionally, Simple Promise asserts that Viva Slim’s L-glutamine has advantages for digestive and immunological health.


A common ingredient in pre-exercise nutritional supplements is beta-alanine. It’s an amino acid that raises energy levels while providing your body with the building blocks it needs to develop lean muscles.


A natural supplement called maca is raised in South America. According to studies, among other things, maca can improve mood, metabolism, energy, and cognitive performance. Maca is a common ingredient in male sexual fitness dietary supplements because of its alleged effects on libido and blood flow.


According to Simple Promise, niacin is a vitamin B diet that will lower LDL cholesterol, alleviate arthritis, improve mental performance, and reduce inflammation.

Pygeum Africanum

This natural extract, also known as African plum bark extract, appears to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Rosea Rhodiola

For its adaptogenic qualities, Rhodiola Rosea has been utilised for hundreds of years. According to studies, rhodiola rosea can help with a variety of effects, including anxiety, exhaustion, and depression. According to certain studies, Rhodiola Rosea improves your body’s ability to protect itself from mental and physical stress.


For hundreds of years, astragalus has been used in traditional Chinese medicine. The natural extract is said to provide a variety of advantages, including strengthening the immune system, fighting ageing, and reducing inflammation.

What Side Effects VivaSlim?

Before using a product, having scepticism is perfectly acceptable. Therefore, it is crucial to look into the product’s contents, manufacturer, and adverse effects. It’s as if you are putting yourself in danger without realising it if you refuse to make the time to do these things. So let’s be open about any potential drawbacks.

Because VivaSlim is all-natural, it is quite safe to eat. However, its users must refrain from abusing it. Additionally, Simple Promise cautions customers to seek medical advice before using the product if they are nursing, pregnant, have a medical condition, or are under the age of 18.

Benefits Viva Slim

If used correctly and consistently, VivaSlim offers some of these advantages. All of the advantages listed below are not based on information from their website but rather on my personal experience and feedback from previous users.

  • It might dissolve the body’s fat stores. Fats can exit cells as it aids in opening the “Cytokine gate.”
  • Offers you a flat stomach
  • Reduce appetite
  • Viva Slim gives you a tight and radiant complexion when you lose weight, unlike other weight reduction products.
  • Boost energy levels, eliminate mental fog, and manage insulin levels.
  • Sculpted thighs, arms, and nails.
  • Additionally, it aids in cholesterol level regulation.
  • A money-back guarantee is provided by the manufacturer.
  • Viva Slim has several elements that will give you more energy and enable you to be more productive.

Is VivaSlim Drops Legit?

A solution with scientific support called VivaSlim Supplement works to accelerate quick fat loss in a safe and natural way. The Vivaslim recipe contains only the best and highest grade components.

The VivaSlim recipe has no hazardous chemicals, making it strong, efficient, and secure for daily usage.

However, there are independent websites that offer phoney supplements in bottles. This is something you should be careful with because it contains false chemicals that could be harmful to your health.

The 365-day money-back guarantee for Vivaslim Supplement when purchased through the official website is its best feature.

It follows from this that other websites purporting to sell VivaSlim are fraudulent. As a result, VivaSlim is a supplement that is legal and effective.

Why is VivaSlim Effective?

The ingredients that went into creating VivaSlim are what give it its effectiveness. One of the key variables is regular use, coupled by discipline and effort in leading a generally healthy lifestyle.

VivaSlim was created by Simple Promise, according to the product’s producer, following extensive testing in clinical settings. As a respected business, Simple Promise insisted on the finished product’s safety and efficacy before allowing its release.

To increase the nutrient density of your diet, you must include VivaSlim in it. Nutrient density is the ratio of macronutrients like proteins, carbs, and fats to micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids.

VivaSlim Pricing

If you think VivaSlim is the best option for you, you can get it directly from the website, which is the only place it is sold. When you go to the real page, you’ll discover that there are three distinct packages you can choose from:

  • $9 for a one-month supply.
  • $39.00 for a Three month supply.
  • $31 for a six-month supply.

All products come with a money-back guarantee that lasts for a full year and free shipping for Americans. However, as it is impossible to predict how long the supplies will last, we advise you to buy it as soon as possible if you are interested.


  • VivaSlim might aid in preventing unneeded body fat accumulation and storage.
  • By reducing midsection fat deposits, the product can aid in your quest for a flat stomach.
  • It might increase vigour and control insulin levels in the blood.
  • The item might raise basal metabolic rate.
  • VivaSlim might reduce and manage appetite.
  • It might lessen the fluid retention that gives you a puffy, bloated appearance.
  • The liquid form of the supplement allows for quicker absorption.
  • It is devoid of caffeine and stimulants.
  • It is vegan, gluten-free, and suitable for keto diets.


  • Only the product website is where you may purchase the item.
  • There are no free trials available from the firm.
  • Some users may experience allergic responses to certain substances.


VivaSlim can assist you in losing weight regardless of how long you’ve been trying. Because it could potentially save the lives of thousands of people who have been looking for a practical way to reach their ideal weight.

As it can unlock the closed “cytokine gate” to release fat that has been held in your cells for a long time, it is considered to be effective at attacking the root cause of fat buildup in the body.

Multiple clinical tests are conducted on this potent composition to assure its effectiveness, safety, and purity. Additionally, it contains no potentially toxic chemicals or components. VivaSlim reviews claim that because of this, it is safe for long-term use and produces good results without posing any risks.

It’s risk-free to choose this high-quality item offered by Simple Promise PTE, LTD. because every purchase comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.


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