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The Natural Vision System by Dr. Tonko is based on a unique, four-step program that replaces diseased vision with healthy natural vision. This program provides relief to vision-related concerns by addressing core issues behind the causes of vision loss. The primary goal of this program is to target the underlying cause of all vision disorders. Specifically, Dr. Tonko presented that the problem that needs tackling is a powerful hidden trap which is maintaining our eyes in an unnatural state of alignment.

This unnatural condition affects both eyes and brain. It prevents natural vision from being achieved because the eye cells do not function correctly. One key aspect to resolving eye problems is to maintain eye health. Our eyes must remain healthy so that they can properly take in and produce the important nutrients that our body needs to stay strong. In order to do that, the Natural Vision System addresses the issue of poor eye health through the following four steps:

Natural Vision System

Eye exercises are a part of the Natural Vision System and are effective in addressing vision-related concerns that stem from eye muscle imbalance. Through eye exercises, one can resolve vision problems through the reduction of eye strain and headaches. Among the many eye exercise techniques available, eye tracking exercises are among the simplest ones that provide noticeable results. It works by placing an object in front of you and checking where your eyes go while you focus on the object.

Natural Vision System Review

Eye exercises are a crucial component of the Natural Vision System and Dr. Tonko strongly recommends them. Eye exercises are conducted with the use of ophthalmoscopes, which are devices that allow you to see without glasses or contacts. Eye exercises are recommended for those with mild to moderate eye problems such as strabismus and myopia. According to the Natural Vision System, this is the best alternative to expensive and potentially dangerous contact lenses. Eye exercises are so easy to do; it is an excellent way to resolve vision problems related to eye strain.

Eye problems are also common among those suffering from chronic eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration and presbyopia. These eye problems cannot be cured but there are definitely effective treatments that can greatly improve the vision of patients. One effective treatment method in the Natural Vision System of Dr. Tonko is eye exercise. He believes that this natural vision system is more effective than eye surgeries because it works even if vision problems have occurred before. This makes this particular natural vision system an excellent alternative to the many types of vision therapy available today.

In his book “The Complete Guide to Optimum Health and Vision”, he also gives information on how using the various eye exercises and brainwave entrainment audio recordings can improve vision conditions. This information proves that his vision-related concerns are legitimate and that his methods are more effective than those based on dangerous eye surgeries. If you are currently struggling with one of his vision-related concerns, you should definitely learn more about his natural vision system.

Natural Vision System Improve Vision

The Natural Vision System, also called the Easy-to-follow Vision Therapy System, is a complete vision therapy program that helps one maintain their optimal visual health throughout their lifetime. As recommended in the title, the Natural Vision System consists of an all natural, comprehensive vision therapy system that aims to relieve and offer comprehensive relief to various visual impairments such as the following: Astigmatism, Glaucoma, Retinal detachment, Cervical myositis, and Eye strain. With the use of the Easy-to-follow Vision Therapy System, patients are able to reverse the effects of these debilitating eye conditions. The most effective components of the Natural Vision System include: The Easy-to-Follow Vision Therapy System Acuvue – a disposable multifocal lens, which is specifically designed for articulata; Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH), an anti-cholesterol drug; and, Cyclosporine, an antibiotic to fight against bacteria and yeast. The Easy-to-follow Vision Therapy System will work most effectively if the following steps are followed:

Natural Vision System Results

To begin, it is important to understand and appreciate the importance of the Easy-to-follow Vision Therapy System. Like other natural vision systems, it seeks to resolve and treat common vision problems such as those listed above. This comprehensive approach to treating eye disorders is intended to provide relief by addressing specific issues that only require basic changes to daily habits. It is important to follow the guidelines recommended by the Natural Vision System to achieve maximum results.

The Natural Vision System was developed by Drs. Steven Teitelbaum and Irina Yalin, which are both professors at the Department of Ophthalmology, Pacific Medical Institute, San Francisco, California. Their research has been accepted by many prestigious peer-reviewed journals and is considered the “gold standard” in natural vision improvement protocols. This extensive protocol has been adopted by more than 30 universities and medical clinics in the San Francisco area as part of a coordinated effort to enhance vision health for patients with chronic eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and blind spot.

Natural Vision System Benefits

The first part of the easy-to-follow protocol involves the scheduling of regular office visits. This routine allows practitioners to gauge the effectiveness of the natural vision system’s various aspects and identify gaps or deficiencies that may exist in patient care. The frequency of visits should vary according to age and current visual acuity. The primary goal of office visits is to catch early signs of any visual impairments and progress as the disease progresses.

Eye Exercises The second part of the easy-to-follow vision exercise scheme involves the use of specially designed eye exercises to correct visual problems. Eye exercises are based on scientifically proven brainwave entrainment audio recordings that retrain the visual system to improve visual acuity and eliminate or minimize the symptoms of many types of eye problems. These brainwave entrainment audio recordings work by optimizing the power of visual muscle contractions. When visual muscle contractions are stimulated using an earphone, they cause specific changes in brainwaves that are picked up by the visual cortex.

Visual Acuity Improvement Once the visual acuity problems have been identified and treated through the use of an eye exercise protocol, a follow-up visit to the eye doctor is recommended. Eye doctors assess the progress of the visual improvements. They also check to make sure that there are no residual optic nerve or brainstem visual impairment. If vision problems are severe, it may be necessary to undergo surgery to repair damaged nerves or to reconstruct the optic nerve. In most cases, however, a successful natural vision system is enough to allow an individual to resume normal activities of daily living.

Natural Vision System Clear Vision

The Benefits of an Eye Exercise Optipower at-Home Test Pack The benefits of a comprehensive natural vision system treatment plan depend on the type of visual impairment involved. Some types of visual impairments can be corrected through the application of corrective lenses or glasses, while others require the use of a patch to treat residual optic nerve damage that has not been corrected through other means. Some visual conditions are so severe that only a complete program of visual rehabilitation must be used to restore normal functioning. In such cases, a comprehensive at-home test pack using brainwave entrainment audio recordings and specially designed eye exercises can restore the visual clarity and efficiency of the brain. These programs are packaged with specially designed software that downloads visual training signals and brainwave patterns directly into the visual cortex of the brain.

Natural Vision System Review

Complete Recovery from Eye Redness An often-neglected symptom of certain eye conditions is dry eyes. A comprehensive at-home test pack can resolve vision problems caused by excess dried tears. This condition often results from eye muscles that have become overworked and fatigued. For this reason, it is critical to replenish the lubrication and nutrients delivered to the eye through the eye drops taken during daily eye treatment. Through a program of specialized eye exercises, which includes brainwave entrainment audio recordings, an at-home test pack for addressing dry eye symptoms can be safely and effectively implemented.

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