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Natural product associations recently released a clinically approved natural yeast infection relief formula. Yeastrol is a well-known treatment for yeast infections.

Product Name: Yeastrol

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Yeastrol Review

Yeastrol Review

Yeastrol is an all-natural herbal cure for candida and yeast infections. It is not only made of safe herbal ingredients but also has powerful anti-fungal properties that can kill the yeast overgrowth. The anti-fungal ingredients of this herbal cure for yeast infections have the ability to boost the immune system and restore the natural ability to heal. It helps to strengthen the body’s natural defense and fight yeast overgrowth. It has been a great solution for treating various diseases.

The main ingredients of yeastrol are selected from plants with proven abilities to fight fungal infections like candida. This is made possible by the careful selection of herbal ingredients. Yeastrol has its own unique blend of 30 natural active ingredients that are known to fight yeast overgrowth. All the ingredients have been carefully selected so as to provide optimum results.

Candida infections are caused by yeast, which is present in every human being in varying amounts. Some people may be more susceptible to fungal infections than others. Candidiasis is a fungal disease caused by yeast, which feeds on glucose and other sugars in the human body, especially in the moist areas. Yeastrol is the herbal cure for yeast infections and has proven to be very effective in curing yeast infections.

What is Yeastrol Review?

Candida yeastrol is an herbal cure for yeast infection that contains three key natural ingredients that fight yeast overgrowth. These ingredients include fluconazole, terpenes and boric acid. These three ingredients work together to get rid of the yeast infection and prevent it from coming back.

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One of the most common symptoms associated with candida infections is abdominal pain. Many people have tried different treatments, which range from Monistat, Lotrimin to cream from their local drug store only to find that it doesn’t work for them. You can eliminate abdominal pain and other symptoms with the use of yeastrol ingredients. The herbal ingredients in yeastrol have been tested many times over and have been found to work in clinical trials with patients with chronic yeast infections and Candida.

Yeastrol is a supplement formulated from all natural ingredients. This supplement comes in both capsule and liquid form. Both contain an array of powerful anti-fungal ingredients that target yeast overgrowth. Each ingredient is designed to target a specific yeast species and provide a wide spectrum of anti-fungal protection.

How does Yeastrol Review Works?

Candida yeastrol will help to stop yeast infections occurring while at the same time provide a wide spectrum of anti-fungal protection. This supplement will also provide relief to other symptoms of yeast infections including: bloating, constipation, gas and bloating, and even cramps. You will experience fast results when using yeastrol. This is because this product goes to work right away to stop the infections from occurring. Once you start taking yeastrol you will begin to notice the other symptoms that begin to subside.


With yeastrol you will be able to heal your infection in no time. These natural ingredients work together to cure your infection from the inside out. Your infection will no longer have a way to grow because natural ingredients will have stopped it from growing. With yeastrol you will notice a big difference in how soon you will be healed. No more uncomfortable and painful symptoms and no more itchiness or burning going on.

If you are serious about getting rid of your yeast infections forever then yeastrol is a serious choice. If you do not want to deal with the discomfort that comes along with a yeast infection then yeastrol is for you. This is a natural product made from all natural ingredients that will heal candida yeast infections and prevent them from ever happening again. It will even keep you from getting a second infection in the future.

Yeastrol Ingredients

Yeastrol contains 12 active ingredients: Candida Parapsilosis 12, Echinacea Augifolia 3, Baptista Tinctoria 3, Baptista Tinctoria3, Borax 30C. Thuja Occidentalis 30, Thuja Cyanatis 30, Mercurius Sulphuratus Ruber, Mercurius Cyanatis, 30C. Nitricum Acidum, 30C. Pyrogenium 200C.

  • Candida parapsilosis 12X, a homeopathic remedy for fungal infections, is used to treat symptoms of candidiasis.
  • Echinacea Augustifolia 3X, also known as Purple Coneflower, can help with persistent infections.
  • Baptista Tinctoria 3X is a treatment for abdominal distention that can also relieve the burning sensation while urinating.
  • Borax 30C reduces gas production and reduces itching and whitish vaginal discharge.
  • Candida Albicans 12X decreases vaginal discomfort for women
  • Kreosotum-30C is used to treat burning pain.
  • Sulphuricum acidum (30C) reduces itching in men and women, as well as hot flushes in ladies.
  • Thuja occidentalis 30C is a treatment for the burning sensation in the the anus and other areas. It also calms itching.
  • Mercurius Cyanatis30C treats ulcerations inside and on the tongue.
  • Mercurius sulfururatus ruber30C can reduce redness and swelling in the face, as well as help with ulcers in the throat and mouth. It can be used to reduce pressure in the vaginal area in women and men to relieve itching and swelling in the penis.
  • Skin rashes and painful urine can be treated with Nitricum acidum 30,C.
  • Pyrogenium 200C aids digestion and restores intestinal flora.
Yeastrol-Review Product


  • It cleanses your body.
  • You don’t need a prescription to use it. It can be taken with other medications.
  • Reduce weakness caused by fungal infection and increase energy
  • You can return your purchase within 90 days.
  • You can book comfortably from your home, without any risk
  • It promotes the immune system.


  • This formula has not been approved by the FDA.
  • The exact amounts of ingredients were not disclosed by the producer.
Yeastrol Review Details


What makes yeastrol so great is that it contains all natural ingredients that are proven to work together to cure your candida yeast infections. These ingredients include: Aloe Vera, Burdock, Chamomile, Choline bitartrate, Enteric Co enzyme, Ginger root, Lemon Balm, Marjoram, Mistletoe, Nettles and Rosemary. Not only does yeastrol contain natural ingredients that are proven to work together to cure your yeast infections, but it also includes ingredients that will protect your body from future infections.

Yeastrol is the perfect product to help people get over their yeast infections and prevent them from ever coming back again. To learn more about yeastrol and how it can help you please visit our site below. You will receive an offer you can’t afford to pass up. It is a free trial, so you don’t have to worry about being charged anything.


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